The Paradise Way and Ancestral Houses and People (Listening cities, part 3)

Your walking through the Paradise Way in Feltre starts with a clear signs:

Paradise Way, credits by Camilo180989

Then you just have to following the signs and carry on walking, trying to find the beauty of every single corner, pushed ahead by your curiosity. The same curiosity for places and people that Gustave Flaubert felt during his travel to Egypt, discovering the exotic of familiar places.

A suggestion about how to feel such exoticism might come from a quotation taken directly from one of Flaubert’s diary written at Cairo:

I’m obsessed with inventing stories for people I come across. An overwhelming curiosity makes me ask myself what their lives might be like. I want to know what they do, where they’re from, their names, what they’re thinking about at the moment, what they regret, what they hope for, their past loves, their current dreams… (quoted from Alain De Bottom, The Art of Travel, pag. 90).

And so it happens that reaching the pick of Via Paradiso you will discover narrow streets from where you will be able to notice the Medieval castle…

Feltre Castle, credits, Camilo180989

…and some other exotic corners without time and epoch…

…eventually the miracle comes true and, exactly behind the square at the end of Via Paradiso, in a hidden corner, you mat also have to opportunity to find yourself face to face with an ancestral inhabitant of this place: Mr. Berto.

Mr. Berto, Camilo180989

As usual he is polishing his sickle protecting his VI Century small house: the only and unique small dwelling still existing, maybe one of the first building erected in Feltre Vecchia exactly on the side of one of the towers of the Medieval city’s walls.

He is the guardian of a singular heritage while time, laws and growing population are trying to tear down.

They try to make me remove all the tools, flowers and old staff from the wall – he said with a bitter note in his voice – but I will not allow that! This is my home, the only one in the real typical style left, exactly as it was during the 500 A.D.!

We don’t know who exactly are “they“, maybe the time and the wish of building new houses from Feltre citizens, or maybe “they” are the municipal administration. But it doesn’t really matter, what we realized meeting Mr. Berto, who gave us the possibility to immortalized his treasure with these pictures here, it that there is the need to preserve such house!

This post wants to be a deep pray and, at the same time, a sort of petition, to all of you who know Feltre, to the ones who also had the chance to come to see Mr. Berto’s house and, also, to the ones who can only image such place and person and, appreciating the singularity of this sort of entities in the world, will help us to make the pick of Feltre’s Paradise way eternal.

Thank you for reading, just the fact of being aware of Mr. Berto’s house will help.


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