To my heart, on Sunday

Thank you my heart,
I woke up again and even thought is Sunday,
the day of rest,
the usual preholiday rush,
continues underneath my ribs.

W. Szymborska (To My Heart, On Sunday)

The poem by the Polish poetess suggests us to deal with this ‘fear of the  day of rest’ listening to our feelings, saying thank you to our heart’s pulp, ‘cause it keeps us alive.

This can be a possible answer to what Viktor E. Frankl, in his book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning‘, calls it “Sunday neurosis’ , identifying it as:

“that kind of depression which afflict people who become aware of the lack of content in their lives when the rush of the busy week is over and the void within themselves becomes manifest”

… How do you feel? Can you hear it?


2 risposte a “To my heart, on Sunday

  1. A British inquiry, instead, refers to the feeling of sadness during Sundays as ‘Sunday Blues’.

    Sunday Blues is that sense of sadness which starts at 16.13 of Sunday afternoon; the cause is the the projection of the human’s mind to the imminent Monday. Worries about the following week, or the other, or the next month, year ans so on…all generated in the (paradoxically) most relaxing day of the week.

    The advice by the experts is to plan your Sundays in advance….

    …Our Polish poetess, instead, seems to reply to the ‘Sunday Blues’ syndrome with a provocation:

    ‘Sapendo tutto in anticipo,
    sappiamo veramente tutto?”

    W. Szymborska

    (On today’s Corriere della Sera’ you can find more information about ‘Sunday Blues’ :

  2. I feel like:


    1. Ripieno di Fontina ed Emmental impastato con uova e Grana Padano

    2. Carne trita di bovino, prezzemolo, sale e pepe, uova e pan grattato

    3. Creare delle palline di ripieno di formaggi ben pressate

    4. Avvolgere il tutto con il trito di carne. Suggerimento: creare due medaglioni di carne, farcire con la pallina di formaggi e pressare il tutto con i palmi delle mani.

    5. Cuocere a fuoco lento in tegame con un filo d’olio, rigirare ogni 5 minuti con cautela.

    Feel it and …assaporatene il gusto!

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